"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of." (Benjamin Franklin, from Poor Richard's Almanac)
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 Time-Trade Trading” will get your products into more market places than you ever dreamed.
Services: some examples of what Time International Management Enterprises Co., Ltd.  is currently doing:-

Identifying companies and products/services for those wanting
to enter the Indian and ASEAN markets.

Import and export -representing international companies waiting
to enter the Indian and South East Asia market.

Marketing and distribution of products through our network of associates.
Representing MGM Empire in Singapore to distribute their products across many countries.
Distributing South Korean electronic and electrical products in India and Asean (South East Asia).
Working with Mitsubishi Research Institute and the Japan SME organization to serve the Japanese automobile industry needs in India and Thailand.

Sourcing Portland cement for the Middle East and Africa.
Sourcing edible grade Lactose for India.
Sourcing chemical products from Asia for European clients. 

Export – Import

Medi – Aire

TIME INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISES COMPANY trading takes care of the marketing and distribution of Medi – Aire “Activated Oxygen Generator” across many countries. This product has been developed by MGM Empire, a Singapore based company. We made this product fly all the way to Japan and successfully marketed and distributed it in the Japanese market.

About Medi – Aire

Medi - Aire is a device that has the ability to sterilize the air we breathe by eliminating viruses, bacteria, airborne pollutants, algae, slime and odors. The device works by generating activated oxygen otherwise knows as O3. In the devise, oxygen molecules (O2) are split into oxygen atoms in the presence of ultra violet rays. These oxygen atoms quickly recombine and form activated oxygen. Being highly unstable O3 collides with contaminants or gases in the air and immediately split and donates one atom of oxygen thereby forming the stable configuration of O2 or oxygen. In short, when activated oxygen comes in to contact with bacteria, the donated oxygen atom punctures the protein membrane of the bacteria thus destroying it. 



To see the detailed presentation (42 slides) on MEDI AIRE, click here