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Research Report

    TIME INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISES COMPANY Research is a division of Time International Management Enterprises Co., Ltd. Time International Management Enterprises Co., Ltd. Research focuses on  ASEAN (The 10 nations of South East Asia) and India to provide high quality research and insights for Corporations and Governments thereby facilitating business collaboration.  Some of the work done by T.I.M.E. Research includes a comprehensive Study & Survey of the Tier I automotive suppliers in India & Thailand for the Mitsubishi Corportaion, Japan; an in-depth study of one of the world's leading automotive company for ROLAND BERGER (Automotive Strategic Consultants); In depth study and research on the Textiles, Shrimps,
    Coffee & Leather/Footwear industries of Thailand for the Government of Indonesia.
    Currently Time International Management Enterprises Co., Ltd. is in discussions with a global logistics company to undertake a research project to study the impact of the FTA (Free Trade Agreement) on the logistics business between India and Thailand and discover the business opportunities that will see a sharp increase in the years ahead.

    Thailand is  a  prime  producer and exporter of shrimp and therefore manages to attain the No. 1 position in the shrimp industry. Moreover the country offers enormous business opportunities in the sea food industry. In the coffee industry, Thailand’s contribution to the world is incredible. At present, Thailand enjoys the 17th position worldwide and the 3rd position in the ASEAN region in the production of coffee. Leather and footwear industry is yet another competitive area of excellence for Thailand.

    ASEAN is a booming region and all the studies conducted by Time International Management Enterprises Co., Ltd. focus on discovering business opportunities for new investors in this region.
    Our Research partners

    Asian institute of technology (AIT), Bangkok with campuses in Vietnam, Indonesia. A 50 year old venerable centre of excellence and learning in the field of Engineering, Management and Environment Sciences. Students of AIT are training with Time International Management Enterprises Co., Ltd. as part of their internship programs.

        Foreign Trade University, Vietnam: Vietnam's leading international University

        Management Development Institute (MDI), India: One the country's leading business school   

    Major clients:

        Mitsubishi, Tokyo, Japan

        Indonesian Government

        Roland Berger, Tokyo, Japan