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VDO of PDC combustion tecnology

About P.D.C. combustion technology
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In order to carry out combustion processing of the waste without generating pollution, it has been common sense that it is the best method to make it burn with a large-sized incinerator now.
Therefore, in Japan, most small-scale waste incinerator plants have received administrative disposition of the operation stop. It is a social problem that immense expense moreover starts demolition work.
The cause is because it is considered to become conditions that a lot of incineration things can always be thrown in collectively in order to always maintain the inside of an incinerator to high temperature.
That is, the way of what has a large-sized incinerator enables realization of non-pollution easily.
The incineration technology which realized non-pollution with the small incinerator with an inside diameter of 1100mm should not be used, and a large-sized incinerator with an inside diameter of 3000mm or more should not be able to realize non-pollution.

However, it becomes an obstacle most by enlargement of an incinerator to supply oxygen to the central part of the furnace.
The patent technology ‘The pipe which supplies oxygen of a water cooled system’ which our company acquired solved this problem.

Perfect combustion is planned by supplying gas and oxygen for promoting combustion in the direction which promotes rotation uniformly in a burner from the inner side of the pipe protected with water.

As a result, the temperature in a furnace exceeded 1500 degrees which is not made in the existing combustion machine.
Since chlorine was decomposed by the high temperature of 1400 degrees, this phenomenon made processing possible without the gaseous chlorine processing unit for incineration processing of the waste containing chlorine. That is, it is shown that it can operate without a dioxin processing unit. The test result of emission gas was actually what supports this.

PDC---The simultaneous combustion technology of a solid and a liquid which is one of the features of combustion technology is a single incinerator, and can be processed, without hanging a high running cost. Conventionally, sorting was needed for the waste, and it was installing the incinerator and was processing two or more processing units which pay a big-ticket running cist. And the temperature in a furnace obtains this incinerator that is not damaged taking advantage of the feature which is high temperature in not a mere processing unit but energy saving, and recycling apparatus. For example, a boiler, the furnace to carbonize, a machine which sterilize, a drier, etc.

Furthermore, steam of another feature is used, this technology can make electricity and can also freshen sea water. When this technology compares expense with an effect, there are few merits at a small-scale incinerator. However, in the large-scale incinerator incinerated 100t or more per day, a merit is fully enjoyable. It is because the administrator can sell the electric power used. As a result of adding dusting machine ability to a burner newly moreover; we abolished the necessity for a bug filter etc. Moreover, we enabled loading of a sterilizer and a drier by adoption using a dust return pipe of the exhaust gas invitation function as by-products.

In this way, our company was able to make the incinerator which are very effective compared with expense, and to which the dynamo, drier and the boiler function was attached.
The feature of the P.D.C combustion system
Some features are among the PDC combustion systems which we developed.
 First  A burner must be circular.
 The 2nd  The wall of an incinerator must be iron.
 The 3rd  Ventilation must be compulsive ventilation.
 The 4th
 You have to send in steam in a burner
 The 5th  You have to rotate the flame in the incinerator
 The 6th  It must be a wet type that you remove dust.
Then, the reason is as follows that why saying “it must be”
The reason of No. 1 is for making rotation of a flame easy.
The reason of No. 2 is for using the action which makes low ignition temperature which iron has.
The reason of No. 3 is for carrying out burning velocity early and making temperature in a burner into high temperature quickly.
The reason of No. 4 is for raising combustor efficiency, carrying out perfect combustion, and always making the inside of a burner into high temperature.

The reason of No. 5 is for earning contact time by the principle of pi. For example, holding times will become long if a flame rotates the inside of an incinerator 1 m in diameter three times 3*3*3.14= 9.41
The reason of No. 6 is for not generating dioxin by carrying out forced cooling. That is, it is for lessening the time zone of 300 ˜ 400 degrees as much as possible.

As mentioned above, although it is reasonable, respectively, I explain collectively.
If you do atomizing of the steam to a burner, supply of high-temperature and high-concentration oxygen will be attained by heat is not taken when oxygen evaporates. Perfect combustion of the incineration thing is carried out, and the temperature in an incinerator becomes high temperature. And this system rotates the flame in an incinerator and fully gives contact time. This system pushes flammable gas against the wall of an incinerator by centrifugal force, and the air, steam, and flammable gas which are supplied from a wall make it mixed simultaneously. And an incineration thing is burned using two catalysts (iron and ashes).
This is the “PDC combustion system” of the ideal combustion system which we developed.

The effect of the P.D.C combustion system

When the incinerator was enlarged, by the conventional air supply method, supply of oxygen to the center section of an incinerator was difficult for us. However, by the P.D.C. combustion system, it became possible.

The PDC combustion system is epoch-making.

As for this combustion system, the feed pipe of air and steam and supply another pipe do not only supply air and steam to the center section of a burner. This system gives rotation to a flame and carries out perfect combustion to the flammable gas brought together in the wall using centrifugal force, using effectively the air and steam which come out of a wall. Moreover, to the outermost side of many installed pipes, water is arranged and it has always cooled. (It is protected)
For these reasons, it does not damage and piping of an incinerator, and does not become an obstacle of an injection thing, either.

Moreover, the air for which the PDC combustion system required steam and pressure is simultaneously supplied to a burner. Then the air and steam which are mixed and have pressure are puffed out, com out of a feed pipe and supply another, and strengthen the torque of a flame. And improvement in torque heightens the combustion efficiency of a burner by leaps and bounds.

Usually, in the case of the atmosphere, the air whose temperature about 78% and oxygen are about 21% and nitrogen is 30 degrees is supplied to a burner. (It changes with a place, a season, and countries)
However, oxygen whose temperature 100˜ 400 degrees and oxygen are 33% and hydrogen (flammable gas) is 67% will be supplied by supplying steam. (high temperature and high concentration). This heightens combustions efficiency and, as a result, perfect combustion is planned.

A thing required for combustion is oxygen and is not air. As for combustion, the one where oxygen concentration is higher is promoted.

Although the effect of this system was fully expectable from this thing, the only fault needed to be prevented of the jet cyclone system. It is prevention of discharge by winding up of dust.

We solved with the technology of a patent called the return pipe mechanism of dust. The technology is the epoch-making idea of making a burner into an ash collector or a dust chamber. As a result, we lost his necessity for a bug filter, etc. Then the PDC combustion system brought about the following effects.

1)    It enabled space-saving-izing.
2)    It has very high safety.
3)    A running cost hardly needs it.
4)    In this incinerator, liquid waste can be incinerated simultaneously with a solid thing.
5)    This incinerator also fits processing of toxic waste.
6)    This incinerator is easy to operate and its special skill is unnecessary.
7)    This incinerator is hardly damaged.

About a PDC combustion system
(Perfect Direct Combustion)
1)    Steamy type combustion system
2)    Direct combustion system
3)    The temperature control combustion system
4)    Multiple-purpose function
5)    A high economic effect
6)    A cheap price
7)    Compact
8)    Few operating funds
9)    A maintenance is unnecessary.

About a PDC (Perfect Direct Combustion) combustion system

A PDC combustion system is an ideal combustion system.

This combustion system carried out atomizing of the steam to the burner, and enabled supply of high temperature and high-concentration oxygen. A combustion thing carries out perfect combustion and makes temperature in an incinerator high temperature. And a flame is rotated, the contact time is fully given, and the air, steam, and flammable gas which are simultaneously supplied from the wall of an incinerator using centrifugal force are mixed well. Moreover, the wall of iron of an incinerator inner side and the ashes produced by combustion bring about an effect, and promote combustion. However, if an incinerator is enlarged, it is interrupted by a revolving flame and gas and oxygen cannot be sent into the center section of an incinerator. A means to solve it is the water-cooled protection oxyecoia supply pipe installed in the incinerator. (Finishing an application of a patent in a world major power)
With this technology, perfect direct combustion of the high polymer system waste said to be unable to carry out perfect combustion was conventionally attained by the direct combustion system. By fusion of two patent technology called water-cooled protection oxyecoia supply pipe installed inside an incinerator and steamy combustion, we were very compact and were able to make the incinerator which hardly requires operating funds. The technology needs neither a large-scale dusting machine nor a dioxin processing unit nor neutralization equipment.

Moreover, further, since we can use all the things as fuel, we do not need to choose a combustion subject. If the subject are combustibles even if we are any of a liquid, a solid, and gas, we can use all as fuel. Moreover, we were able to develop the combustion machine which brings, about a very high economic effect according to the temperature control mechanism in the incinerator by steam. It has multiple-purpose function, such as sterilization equipment, carbonization equipment, and freshening equipment.

Comparison with the product of the other company comparable as PDC-240
   PDC-240  PDC-240M  The product of the other company
 1. Space
 400 m2  400 m2  4000 m2
 2. Expense  3.2 billion yen  4.8 billion yen  10 billion yen
 3. Operating funds  It is few.  It is few.  Hundreds of millions of yen
 4. Maintenance expense  It is few.  It is few.  Hundreds of millions of yen
 5. Economic effect Generating of valuables  Generating of valuables  Unknown
It seems that the incineration of a chlorine content thing or asbestos made difficult is possible for PDC-240M since a burner other than these differences becomes high temperature. This research is future, after acquiring data; he wants to make it start after checking with industry-university joint verification.

Comparison of Power generating costs (steamy combustion system melting furnace PDC-240

1.    The unit price of power generation.  Energy dependence.  Comparison with other power generation
The unit price of power generation (1kW/h)
This is the thing of an average power generation unit price which averaged from the life the aggregate total cost generated between lives.

 Power generation name     
 Unit price
 The items of a fuel cost
 Nuclear power generation About 5.9 yen 30%
 LNG thermal power generation  
About 6.4 yen 60%
 Coal thermal power generation      
 About 6.5 yen  40%
 Oil thermal power generation   About 10.2 yen
 60% (6.12 yen)
 Water power generation   
 About 13.6 yen  Nothing
• The life on trial calculation    We calculate as 40 years
We do not understand clearly yet about the disposal administrative expenses of abandonment of an institution, or radioactive waste.

Although the oil price is over 60 dollars now, since the foundation of the above-mentioned data is created in 2000, we estimate an oil price as 20 dollars. (1 dollar is 110 yen)

It seems that the petroleum-products price for fuel increases about 1.5 times since a fare, generation cost, profits, a gasoline tax, a consumption tax, etc. are added to an oil price.
20*110÷159 (1barrel= 159 l) * 1.5 = 20.75 yen

Since the fuel cost of power generation of 1 kw/h is 6.12 yen
20.75÷6.12= 3.39     You can do power generation oof 3.39kw/h per 1 l of oil.

If you make calorific value of oil for fuel 10,000 kcal/ l
10,000÷ 3.39= 2,950  You can do power generation of 1 ka/ h at 2950 kcal

Temporarily, you presuppose that power generation of 1 kw/h can be performed at 3,000 kcal,
4,500 kcal * 240 t /day ÷ 3,000 (kcal) = 360,000 kw/ day ÷ 24(h) = 15MW/h

Power generation of 15 MW per hour is possible for you.
Steam generation amount statement of PDC-240
When you burn fuel of 4,500kcal/kg in 10t/h in the incinerator, the energy of 45,000,000 kcal/h can be generated.       
4500kcal * 10,000kg= 45,000,000kcal/h

When the water temperature is assumed to be 90C, a necessary calorie for steam to make it is 630 calories as for the water of 1cc.
The evaporating latent heat is 539 calories.        
(100-9) + 539 = 630 cal

As for the water of 1 litre… 630*1000= 630,000 calories= 630 kcal

As a result, a calorie necessary to make water steam becomes 630,000 kcal in 1000 litres (one ton).

A necessary calorie is 700,000kcal/ 1t when assuming 90% though the combustor efficiency seems 99.9%... 630,000÷ 0.9 = 700,000 kcal/ 1 t

The rejection heat temperature of the combustion machine becomes 5000C or more and to prevent the keeping dioxin being synthesized again, it becomes information thermal efficiency with 0.6875

The information thermal efficiency……..
                                                (1.600-500)                                 = 0.6875
                    1,600 (The in-furnace temperature)

The gross weight of the generated steam is 44.3 t/h.
    …    45,000,000 kcal ÷700,000kcal * 0.6875= 44.196 ≈ 44.2t/h

You: 12t for the fuel and for the dust removal.

The steam of about 32t/h can be used by having used it to make the fresh water.
You can use all steams by using the rotation turbine until pressure is lost. As a result, you can obtain energy more than the power generation efficiency with the current steam turbine.

The surplus electricity purchase unit price of Tokyo Electric Power Company is as follows.

Until 8:00AM-10:00PM of the weekday (For 14 hours)        4.5 yen (1kw/h)

For other ten hours                            2.4 yen (1kw/h)

The price of purchase for each 1kw is about 3.6 yen when averaging.

When you sell the electric power of 15.0 MW/h to the electric power company, your income is as follows.

            54,000/h *24= 1,296,000/day
                1,296,000/day*365= 473,040,000yen/year

The problem cannot be found by attaching to making whether our heat source of this incinerator is cheap a business.
In addition, if the permission of the middle processing facilities of waste is acquired, you can do two business that sells electricity and businesses of the waste management industry at the same time.

Measurement data table
Measurement place: Factory in Malaysia    “Test that burns scrap tire and ordinary family garbage” 
 Dioxin  0.1ng/N m3
   >0.01ng/N m3
 Oxide of nitrogen  2.0g/ N m3
   >0.01ng/N m3
 Sox  0.2 g/ N m3
   0.03 g/ N m3
 Soot  0.2 g/ N m3
   0.12 g/ N m3
 Kind of element  Standard value  PDC
 Chloride  0.2 >0.01
 Hydrogen chloride  0.1 >0.01
 Hydrogen of making to Tsu acid  0.1 >0.01
 Mercury   Hg  0.01 >0.01
 Cadmium Cd  0.015 >0.01
 Lead         Pb  0.025 
 Arsenic    As  0.025 
 Zinc          Zn  0.1  >0.01
 Zinc          Cu
 0.1  >0.01
 Antimo     Sb  0.025  >0.01
 Hydrogen sulphide  0.1  >0.01
“>0.01”     This numerical value means it the same as 0.01 or less

PDC plant and the technology
Combustion technology
    PDC combustion technology
    This technology is composed of the following three basic factors. (1. Catalyst 2. At speed 3. Time)
    This new technology has efficiently safely achieved a low-cost driving in a smokeless, scentless, pollution-free situation.

It is done that the in-furnace temperature that we exceed 15000C achieved it by various patent technology acquisition.

Outer in the PDC incinerator is enclosed by the water room and the air room, and is excellent in durability. Oxygen, the gas, and steam are supplied from the piping of water-cooled set up in the furnace aiming at the center of the furnace and the PDC incinerator is burnt completely in the furnace. The jet rotation current of air came to achieve a higher temperature compared with the temperature of the incinerator of a conventional type.
Result with superior PDC technology
Low-cost and more advantageousness
You can carry out various functions to hang next at the same time only in a single PDC incinerator. As a result, this technology brings the cost reduction and more advantageousness.
1)    Everything (solid, liquid, and gas) is processed.
2)    The dioxin processing equipment becomes unnecessary.
3)    The chlorine gas processing facilities become unnecessary.
4)    Waste can be used as a fuel.
5)    Wasted oil and PBC, etc. raise the in-furnace temperature further more.
6)    Water-cooled makes equipment a long life.

The PDC incinerator can be called recycling energy generation equipment rather than the trash disposal facility.

Example of advantageousness
Excellent safety and durability
Even if the temperature in the combustion chamber exceeds 15000C, the jacket of water-cooled and air cooling makes the temperature of the wall outside the incinerator an outside temperature level. There is no fear such as corrosion even if it is driven for a long time.
The reason for the high temperature in the combustion
The tube set up in the combustion chamber and the jet cyclonic combustion rapidly accelerates the rise of the temperature. The rapid rise in heat doesn’t generate dioxin. Moreover, the high temperature is a temperature enough also for the gaseous chlorine resolved by 14000C level.
 Advanced control system
It is equipped with various sensors in this equipment, and all the temperatures of supplying hot water and steam and the amounts etc. of water, the warm water, and steam are controlled completely with those sensors. Moreover, those sensors control the amount of turning on of the waste (fuel) that corresponds to the condition of the temperature etc., the timing of turning on, and the amount and timing in which the ash is put out.
Dust removal function
It was very effective and unnecessary of the function bug filter because it burnt this function in the combustion chamber repeating dust through the return pipe. We enabled the sterilization machine and the dryer to be made the installation by introducing the waste gas invitation function.

Technology corresponding to environment
The PDC incinerator clears the standard by environmental authorities in the United States, Europe, and Japan.
For instance, the numerical value that an independent measurement organization measured the element of the exhaust gas generated in a large amount of waste management is as follows.
(chloridization polyvinyl and polyethylene terephthalate: Raw material of PET bottle, high density polyethylene, car tire, abolition engine oil, paints, dirt, general solid waste, and agricultural waste, etc.)
The following table is a numeric result of the exhaust gas compared with the lowest, standard value of Europe EIA.

PDC exhaust numerical value test result by Independent Establishments
 PARAMETERS  Standard value of Europe EIA  Numerical value of PDC  Domination of PDC to EIA
 Specific item  0.01g/ N m3  0.006 g/ N m3  It is 40% low
 Two oxidation sulphur  0.05 g/ N m3  0.030 g/ N m3  It is 40% low
 Nitrogen dioxide  0.200 g/ N m3  <0.010 g/ N m3  It is 95% low
 Chlorine  0.200 g/ N m3  <0.010 g/ N m3  It is 95% low
 Hydrogen chloride  0.010 g/ N m3  <0.010 g/ N m3  It is 00% low
 Hydrofluoric acid  0.001 g/ N m3
 <0.010 g/ N m3  It is 00% low
 Hydrogen sulphide  1.000 ppm  0.950ppm  It is 95% low
 Mercury  0.05mg/ N m3  0.05 mg/ N m3  It is 00% low
 Cadmium  0.05mg/ N m3
 0.05 mg/ N m3
 It is 00% low
 Other metal  0.05 mg/ N m3 0.05 mg/ N m3  It is 00% low
 Carbon monoxide  0.05 g/ N m3  <0.010 g/ N m3  It is 80% low
 Dioxin  0.100ng/ N m3  <0.0010 ng/ N m3  It is 99% low
 Franc  0.100 ng/ N m3  <0.0010 ng/ N m3  It is 99% low

The PDC technology has already proven pollution-free in the test also even in the incinerator of the inside diameter at 1100mm. a large-scale furnace (3000mmm in the inside diameter) where the PDC technology was used has the excellent characteristic cleared even if authorities in any country will strengthen the standard in future.

Technology that converts waste into energy

We plan to generate electricity by fuel cost 0 by uniting of the cold water generation device technology and the PDC technology.
Making garbage clean energy will do an important contribution to the circulation resource method. It is to increase the reproduction energy, and to improve the environmental safety and convenience. We have the conviction it is possible to use it multipurpose through the PDC technology is a simple structure.

PDC method incinerator

Facilities have become small because it burns efficiently by developing a new technology
We examined a complex, inefficient part and developed a quite new technology. We were able to achieve a compact, powerful combustions by the technology.
The furnace can maintain 12000C or more in average by a new technology of steam.
We were able to obstruct the decrease in the in-furnace temperature by injecting the steam of the high temperature in the furnace.
Because the incinerator thing burns completely by one time, the toxin generation is very little.
Because this technology is completely incinerated because of combustion once, it is not necessary to neutralize. This technology can neutralize the toxin generated by all means in old goods. (In the world of 1500 degrees or more, salinity evaporate, too)
The guaranteed term is ten years.
If you pay a constant maintenance fee, we do not get the cost that hangs in the breakdown of the main body. (Only when it usually uses it, we secures it.)
Because this equipment doesn’t have the danger such as hanging of the medicines and pressures, it is safe.
You need not to do the neutralizing processing. Because the main body part makes water circulate, you do not have worry that does the burn while driving either. You can manage at ease because you do not use the crude petroleum.