"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of." (Benjamin Franklin, from Poor Richard's Almanac)
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ASEANAFFAIRS aims to represent the views and aspirations of the Association of South East Asian Nations, and to be a window on this widely diversified region of more than 560 million people, and to be a bridge linking ASEAN to the world and vice versa.  
ASEANAFFAIRS Magazine is our flagship brand leading from the front covering the market across the region.  ASEANAFFAIRS  is a quarterly magazine introduced on high demand to compliment our online publication, providing a comprehensive summary of news and major developments in ASEAN countries, which has never been covered by any publication in the last 40 years of ASEAN history. This magazine is a must read for every one in Government and in the corporate world of ASEAN as well as its trading partner nations of ASEAN i.e. Australia, China, India, Korea, Japan, Russia, EU and US.

We understand the territory and share the knowledge with our valued partners. At  ASEANAFFAIRS, we deliver timely and unparalleled insights into the needs of your key customers and prospects. Reach out to the decision-makers, senior executives, and affluent consumers who make up the audience of   ASEANAFFAIRS.COM Extend your reach with the print edition of  - the English-language quarterly, set to hit the executive lounges of airports, five star hotel rooms, and newsstands across the region and beyond.