Save Our Planet
Conference Series & Mega Event
Swarup Roy, Founder & CEO of AseanAffairs delivering the welcome address at the Save Our Planet 2, Thursday, March 25, 2010, The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok
Panelists of the first session: COPENHAGEN Climate Change Summit and its Implications. Swarup Roy, Founder & CEO of AseanAffairs, Mr. David Oberhuber, Country Director Thailand of GTZ, Mom Luang Rajadarasri Jayankura, Chairwoman of Asean Affairs, Stuart Scott, Director, The Climate Summit, USA., Mr. Dominikus von Pescatore, Senior Bayer Representative for Country Group North ASEAN and Managing Director of Bayer Thai Co., Ltd., Dr. Michael Nobel, Founder, the Nobel Charitable Trust, Dr. Hanns Schumacher, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Thailand, Dr. Raphael L’Hoest, Counsellor for Economic Affairs German Embassy, Bangkok.
Speakers and Delegates at the cocktail party after the conference

The Save Our Planet Conference series was conceived in December 2009 by AseanAffairs-The Global Publication of Southeast Asia and the first event was launched on the 12th of March in Bangkok under the umbrella of AABC (Asean Affairs Business Council). The second event, SOP 2 was held in Bangkok again two weeks later on 25th March 2010. The complete 33 pages report and videos available at & http://www.

Who’s Who Speakers and Hi-Profile Delegates from 12 countries at SOP 1
SOP 1 was an international event with 17 speakers and 200 delegates attending from 12 countries. Inaugurated by Chairwoman of AseanAffairs, Her Highness Princess Mom Luang Rajadarasri Jayankura of Thailand, we had such distinguished speakers as Dr Michael Nobel of the Nobel Charitable Trust, Dr Haans Schumacher the Ambassador of Germany to Thailand, Dr Art-Ong Jumsai Ayuthaya, Dominikus von Pescatore of BAYER, David Oberhuber from The German Technical Cooperation, Tony Novak of EMERSON, Chris D Couto- CEO of Neah Power Systems USA, Niraj Sharan from Aura Inc Italy & India, Sumit Phokrel from the Asian Development Bank, Shayne Heffernan from Ebeling Heffernan, The Honorable Barry Gusi from the Philippines and Stuart Scott of the climate summit.

Tremendous list of conference partners
BAYER, The German Government (Local Embassies), European Union delegations, German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), EMERSON, Ebeling Heffernan, TESCO, PTT, Biersdorf and many more global Fortune 500 companies are planning to come on board.

The Concept and the idea behind SOP
The Copenhagen Climate Summit (COP 15) failed to arrive at an agreement for governments to adopt for action. Hence it is now up to us as individuals, companies and organizations to find a common path that we can all agree among us to follow as a practical model. And there are many initiatives that have been put to effective use by many companies, small and large. Bringing these examples of the “Eco-Economy” together with others who are looking for practical solutions to adopt is the goal of Save Our Planet Conferences.

Save Our Planet Conference Series 2010 & Mega Conference 2011
The next Save Our Planet conferences are to be held in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Singapore, India (New Delhi), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), China and Indonesia (Jakarta) culminating in a mega conference in 2011 in New York. The conference series in different locations invites up to 500 participants in a full day conference with a dozen distinguished speakers and companies. The Mega Conference would seek to invite more than a 1000 participants, many of them from the SOP series held earlier in the various Asian capitals. AABC plans to institutionalize SOP as a permanent event series beyond 2010 as an annual event.

Submitting the final SOP report after the mega conference to the United Nations
We intend to put together the deliberations of our conferences into a comprehensive report that will be available to all and submit it to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), hoping that this would be seen as Asia’s contribution to finding a solution to the climate crisis.

Save Our Planet Foundation: Vehicle to fight Climate Change
The mission of the SOP Foundation (to be created) would be as a non-profit organization to become a driving force to fight climate change by supporting innovations in technology, processes and methods across Asia and funding and nurturing start ups from ideation to helping them get to the market. It will create various mechanisms to achieve these goals, one of them being launching of an “Asian Green Awards” for the best innovations, companies, etc involved in the “Eco-Economy”.